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Decoding Machine & Deep Learning With Python


Book Preview 

The book “ Decoding Machine and Deep Learning with Python “ is a vital tool created to meet the demands of both students and working professionals in the domains of specialization in Business Analytics & Artificial Intelligence courses in PGDM and MBA. This book takes a pragmatic approach in contrast to conventional textbooks that drown readers in academic jargon and focuses on the characteristics of Visualization, Machine, and Deep Learning using 22 algorithms with datasets.


The book serves as an entry point into the world of data-driven decision-making by giving readers the skills they need to take advantage of the possibilities of deep learning, machine learning, and visualization. By avoiding complicated theories and statistics, the emphasis is kept on gaining a firm understanding of how to use these algorithms to effectively solve problems in the real world.

This book stands out for putting a strong emphasis on practical application. Python code is used to show each algorithm, making for an interactive and interesting learning experience. Additionally, the inclusion of many dataset sources gives readers the freedom to experiment with various data types and investigate a variety of applications. Learners obtain insightful knowledge and acquire the abilities necessary to confidently address actual analytical difficulties by using a hands-on approach.
The book’s precise design makes it easy to read for novices while offering insightful information for seasoned practitioners. Readers can comprehend the underlying logic and reasoning behind each step thanks to the hashtag # comments interspersed throughout the code samples, which improves their comprehension of the algorithms.


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